Creative Project

Here is a link to my creative project.

I created a digital map that shows the eight countries a part of the Arab Spring Revolution. When you click on each country, you will be able to see a picture of protests. You will also gain access to a brief explanation of what went on in each country. Some explanations include why the Arab Spring was considered a digital explanation and some do not. This is because, I will be going into depth about how the Arab Spring was a digital revolution in my paper. I did not want to overwhelm those who were reading my map with too many words. I provided an explanation of what was happening in those countries and what the uprisings in their specific countries resulted in. For countries that are still in a state of war, I made sure to specify this fact as well. I wanted to provide detailed but concise explanations so that I don’t bore my reader.

I chose this medium (a digital map) as my creative project because it is something that I have never done before. I also was aware that no one else in the class was going to create a digital map so I thought it would be cool to see. I thought it would be fitting in order to show the proximity of these countries that participated in the Arab Spring. As you read my concise explanations, you can visually picture how these protests spread from one country to another. I provided timelines for when each country began protesting in the paragraph explanations. I did not want to post any violent photos so each photo is representative of what a protest looked like in that specific country.

I think this project is a great example of how digital media is necessary in this world. As you can see by looking at the map and reading my explanations, these protests spread like wildfire. It is interesting when you think about how social media let these protests spread beyond this particular region of the world. I think that this project is a good example of how social media can be a really good tool sometimes. I do wish I took more time in explaining the impact of social media in each country but I also think it’s safe to say that social media had the most impact in Tunisia and Egypt which I did express. I will use my paper to go into as much detail as I can about the social media impact in these countries.

This project fits in our class because it is the first type of revolution of its kind. The Arab Spring is known as a digital revolution and we live in a digital time. More people should learn more about how technology was able to help bring about change and peace in so many different countries.

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